I'm 18.

📍 Acropolis, Athens, Greece



My name is Stefano Malinen. I'm half Finnish, though I'm not an introvert and half Cypriot, though I'm not as loud. I like drinks; making, photographing and consuming (responsibly). It all started in August 2017, when I simply needed a damn good drink. I now make craft cocktails at home for friends, family and, of course, myself.


With minimal experience and absolutely no qualification, I decided to embark on this crazy journey into mixology and have never looked back. Balancing school and Instagram can be hectic at times, but this expedition has given me immense opportunities and has taught me infinitely much, not just about cocktails, despite me being doubtful at times. 


I now focus on the quality of the ingredients I use. The majority of liqueurs, bitters, syrups and garnishes featured on The Glass Class are homemade. You really can taste the difference when something is made at home and even more so when it's made with passion. 


My camera - which at first I considered a tool for my Instagram - has become my best friend. I'm a technology and physical science freak, a drummer, a sucker for travel and an expert at having my calendar full with things I love doing.