Stef's Signature.


• 4cl Mastiha Liqueur
• 3cl Fig Infused Star of Bombay Gin
• 2.5cl Fresh Lemon Juice
• 2cl Rose Petal, Ethiopian Passion Berry, Black Pepper & Prosecco Syrup
• 1 ginger slice
• 1 mango slice
• 2 dashes Lime Bitters
• 2 dashes Firewater Tincture
• Indian Tonic Water 


• Add Ginger, Mango and Syrup to a shaker and muddle
• Add the remaining ingredients, but the tonic, to the shaker
• Shake and Double Strain into a glass with ice spheres
• Top off with tonic water
• Garnish with lemon peel, Ethiopian passion berries and fresh, slapped mint