Collaborations with spirit and liqueur brands.


No.3 London Dry Gin.

📍  London, United Kingdom.

Unburdened by the inessentials that have become widespread in modern distilling, No.3 stays true to the roots of London Dry Gin.

Our botanicals define our flavour; juniper, refreshing citrus and gentle spice, all in perfect balance. To ensure we create quality and consistency, we are mindful to source only the finest of fruits and spices.


Juniper berries give our gin its unmistakable taste.
Sweet orange peel adds freshness.
Grapefruit peel produces an extra zingy lift.


Angelica root helps to make the gin dry.
Coriander seeds release lemon and a peppery finish.
Cardamom pods add a spicy, aromatic, warm bite.

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The Infamous N°01.

📍  Flanders, Belgium.

The Flanders-based brand Infamous Designs & Concepts was founded in 2017 by two good friends with a mission to build a brand, expand their creativity and share their hearty lifestyle. From booze to bikes, gourmet food to wearables, Infamous D&C creates custom-made products and provides private label services.

At The Infamous N°01’s base you’ll discover an 8 year old bourbon-barrel aged blend from Barbados and Trinidad. Infused for 3 weeks with only the best spices the world has to offer: Madagascan vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, a custom espresso blend, Belgian chocolate, orange zest, anise, and many other secret ingredients. A well balanced spiced rum lending itself as a straight sipper or as part of ballsy cocktails.

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Porter's Gin.

📍  Aberdeen, Scotland.

In 2012, Ben, Josh and Alex decided to turn the basement of their bar in Aberdeen, Scotland into a micro-distillery and set out to create new, innovative gin recipes that pay respect to tradition. The team sourced a rotary evaporator: a unique piece of equipment which allows botanicals to be distilled at low temperatures. This ‘cold distillation’ process captures light, natural flavour profiles from botanicals that might otherwise be damaged by heat.

They distilled the traditional gin botanicals such as Juniper, coriander and angelica in a classic copper pot still and combined these with the modern, “cold distilled” botanicals such as the fragrant, citrus Buddha's Hand. The result was a refined, citrus-forward, dry gin that brought together the best of classic and contemporary distilling.

elephant gin

Elephant Gin.

📍 Wittenburg, Germany

Premium dry & sloe gins, handcrafted and distilled in Germany, inspired by Africa and in support of African Elephant conservation. Double Gold winner at World Spirits Award 2018.

Elephant Gin is distilled using 14 botanicals, including rare African ingredients. The botanicals are hand-selected to limit any impurities and ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used. All bottles are custom-made, labels hand-written and production efforts controlled by working in small batches. The founders were inspired to create Elephant Gin following their own adventures in Africa. With a vision to conserve the wildlife they feel so passionately for, they have been donating 15% of profit to two elephant foundations

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Gin De Binche.

📍  Biercée, Belgium.

This original brand of gin is created, distilled and bottled in the Walloon region at the Distillery of Biercée, Belgium. The design of the bottle is a tribute to the city of Binche, worldwide known for its carnival and its architectural heritage. The Lion and the silver color appear on the former coat of arms as well as on the city flag of Binche.The ‘blood orange’ flavor is a reference to the gift offered by the Gille, Carnival’s King, on Shrove Tuesday at Binche. 

Each spice is distilled separately to avoid quality variations. The boiler warmer in the hammered copper vats allows this Gin to develop its very special character. The Gin of Binche has a nice flowery flavor followed by a herbaceous note of juniper berries. Delicate and well balanced in the mouth, the gin is characterized by the smoothness of the blood orange, resulting in a unique, soft, tasty and aromatic gin!


Malfy Gin.

📍  Moncalieri, Italy.

MALFY Gin is distilled in Italy - the birthplace of gin by the Vergnano Family using a stainless steel vacuum still.  In 1050, long before the British or Dutch had discovered this now famous tipple, monks along the Amalfi Coast mixed Juniper and spirit - and gin was born.  Malfy Gin is a tribute to this great tradition. 

Our range includes the classic Originale, Con Limone, Con Arancia and Gin Rosa - each product is made with a variety of special Italian botanicals - ranging from Amalfi Coast Lemon peel to Sicilian Pink Grapefruit and Sicilian Blood Orange.  Try with premium tonic, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.

Roshain Dry Gin.

📍  Northrhine, Germany.

From the Seven Mountains. For all the senses.

Seductively gentle, pleasantly attractive, naturally diverse and surrounded by hard stone: the Roshain Dry Gin is like the essence of the Siebengebirge, this unique naturepark which means home for us and teaches us humility whenever we look out the window of the Roshain distillery at the same time looking at gentle and rugged hills. That's why all Roshain Botanicals are 100% organically grown. We use lavender from our own garden from the foot of the Siebengebirge. The fine stoneware bottles protect the exquisite ingredients perfectly and preserve the gentle aroma.

That's what makes Roshain Gin.

daffys Sized.jpg

Daffy's Gin.


The Goddess of Gin image was created for Daffy’s in 2014 by the artist Robert McGinnis, one of the world’s most iconic artists. McGinnis had the vision to create the Goddess of Gin. After several paintings and sketches of Daffy’s Master Distiller’s wife, McGinnis immortalised her in the final design as the visualisation and personification of the taste, charm, sophistication, complexity and beauty of Daffy’s Gin.

Daffy’s spent four years on an adventure and quest to create a gin like no other. Daffy’s starts by using the finest pure wheat grain spirit from northern France, distilling it in the same manner as malt whisky. The botanicals that are steeped and distilled are a combination of the traditional – juniper, coriander seeds, cassia bark and the new – Lebanese mint and rare variety lemons. Lebanese mint as the main botanical brings and extraordinary freshness to Daffy’s. At 43.4%, Daffy’s complexity is perfectly balanced. Strong bodied with many levels of well-balanced freshness, notes of citrus and mint, toffee, caramel and chocolate underpinned with a solid woody character. When enjoyed straight, Daffy’s is well rounded and smooth with a long finish.

Kalevala Distillery.

📍Kitee, Finland.

Tucked away in the forests of Easternmost Finland, the family owned Kalevala Distillery carries on a spirits manufacturing heritage in a region home to the eponymous Kalevala epic. The Kalevala Distillery was founded in 2012 by Moritz Wüstenberg, next to his maternal home in easternmost Finland. Already in childhood, the history of the maternal homestead as a renowned bootlegging centre during the prohibition of the 1930´s aroused an unconscious interest for the world of spirits.

By 2018 the distillery has been expanded and production equipment has been upgraded more than once. Despite growth and improvements, the most important things remain the same. Only organic herbs and botanicals are used in our gins and we continue to draw the water from our own well. Slowly distilled and hand bottled in small batches, Kalevala Gin remains true to craft traditions.