The Story.


Two summer jobs is all it took.

📍 Nissi Beach resort, cyprus


'Twas a boiling hot summer day. I needed a thirst quencher. Having just finished my summer job at Nissi Beach Resort as a bartender and having learned the basics, I decided to make a drink at home. Altering one of the cocktails I was making at the resort, I had now made my own cocktail. It was terrible. I couldn't have a terrible drink - so I made slight changes to the recipe another five times before the drink could be considered drinkable


This situation went on for about a month, or so. I was getting better at it (now only needed 4 repeats to make a drinkable cocktail). I used any excuse I could find to gather friends and family around so that I could make cocktails. I realised that making drinks off of the menu was not what I truly enjoyed. I enjoyed experimenting, mixing my own concoctions and just having a good time making drinks for loved ones.


Fast forward to August 29th, 2017. I had been keeping my buddy Rory up to date with my first steps into mixology. He suggested I make an Instagram account to showcase what I had been making to a larger audience. Following a brainstorming session between Dubai and Cyprus, he came up with the name; The Glass Class. After having the name doubted by my family, I decided I would go for it (as one does) and the first post was made.


Ever since, my passion for mixology has only grown larger, my bottle cabinet is now overflowing into the basement and my equipment shelf is now holding twice the recommended weight.


I feel honoured to have you all with me on this journey I'm taking into the world of mixology.